GK Series

Three products in one!

These "Best Value" starter kits include:

  • Frame
  • Cover system
  • Greenhouse Cover

Enabling you to Garden Earlier and Longer!

Show me the details!

Select a size that fits your needs.

Need additional protection from Birds, Deer, Rabbits, etc.?

See the optional Quick Change Covers.


for Late Winter/ Early Spring

Removable Cover

for Unlimited Plant Height


for Fall/ Early Winter

The GK Series is the only product which combines the best features of a greenhouse, cold-frame, raised-bed, season-extender and container into a single ALL-IN-ONE product.

The solar heat of a cold frame with the plant headroom of a greenhouse.

The adaptability to add your own heating, irrigation, or other accessories.

The unlimited root-depth, compactness, drainage, manageability, and convenience of a raised-bed.

The versatility to change covers per seasonal requirements.

The lightweight design and solid construction provide the groundwork for creating a container garden.

Take gardening to a new level with The Guarden raised bed growing system. We start with a raised bed planter then add arched supports and a commerical greenhouse cover for a complete mini-greenhouse.

Optional netting protects against insects, birds, deer, rabbits and other hungry pests during the spring and summer.

These systems are sized for maximum convenience in limited-space gardening, with your choice of 2' x 4', 3' x 6' or 4' x 8' models. You can use them on a patio, deck or platform, too - just put a landscape lining inside the frame first. Be sure the structure can hold the total weight.

The Guarden raised bed growing system lets you protect plants from the elements, birds and small animals. You'll save on weeding time, too, the planter is a natural barrier against weeds. Choose the all-in-one growing system that works hard for you - The Guarden.

GK2448D - 8 SqFt

Lack of space is not a problem, our 2' x 4' version fits in the tightest of places.

GK3672D - 18 SqFt

For those in the middle our 3' x 6' is just the right size.

GK4896D - 32 SqFt

Square-foot gardeners will enjoy our spacious 4' x 8' model.