GF Series

Raised-Bed Frames

Heavy-duty plastic timbers, fastened with "push-in" rivets to Strong rounded corners.

Quick Assembly
Durable components snap together easily with push-in fasteners.

Decorative yet Tough
Rounded corners topped with decorative caps form a strong, durable structure without compromising looks.

Thicker than "2 by" lumber, the recycled content plastic frame has three insulating air cells at work within the frame to moderate the soil's heat.

Just the right Height
choose Standard or Extra Deep (shown)

Raised beds are available in 2' x 4', 3' x 6', or 4' x 8' models. Additional sizes are built to order.

Quickly add a garden virtually anywhere!

Scent gardens, Butterfly gardens, spring gardens, shade gardens, herb gardens, vegetable gardens, or salsa gardens!


In traditional gardens, soil compaction can make it difficult for air, water and roots to penetrate the soil mix. Raised bed gardening eliminates compaction and allows air and water to reach the roots easily so they can expand and grow. The Guarden line of raised beds let you lay the groundwork for a healthy and productive garden.

Raised bed are inheriently self draining since the growing media is above the normal soil line!

Poor soil conditions and drainage problems do not need to be corrected with costly, messy and lengthy projects such as having your property re-graded or truckloads of top soil, just to add a garden or flower bed. Because the growing enviroment is "raised" above the normal ground level, they are self-draining. The Guarden frames are just the solution for instantly adding beds or gardens and start growing!

Simply select the depth needed based on the chosen plants root requirements, choose what square-footage or outside-dimension you would like to have, fill with growing mix, then add seeds/ plants.


Adding a flower bed, herb garden, or vegetable garden for easy access or as an accent is no longer limited to traditional small pots and tubs. First select a version most suitable for your needs and make sure the patio or balcony can support the weight, then line the frame with landscape fabric, fill with your growing mix, add seeds or plants and enjoy!
GF3672 Frames
GF3672S - 18 SqFt Raised bed frame GF3672D - Extra Deep 18 SqFt Raised bed frame
GF3672D Extra Deep
GF3672S Standard
GF4896 Frames
GF4896S - 32 SqFt Raised bed frame GF4896D - 32 SqFt Raised bed frame
GF4896D Extra Deep
GF4896S Standard