Insect Netting - Mil grade "No-See-Um" cover provides protection from extremely small insects. White and UV stabilized. Sizes & Prices
Pest Netting - 1" holes provide protection from birds, rabbits, deer, etc. Low visibility green and UV stabilized. Sizes & Prices

Greenhouse Cover - Use in winter, early spring and late fall. Provides solar heat and protection from frost. Commercial grade, 8-mil thick, custom-fit, UV stabilized, and opaque. Diffuses the sunlight and eliminates hot-spots. see Sizes and Prices

Commerical Grade Covers for Every Season

GK4896S - 32 sq ft mini-greenhouse
GK4896S - with optional Insect Cover
GK4896S - with optional Pest Netting

Greenhouse Cover Close Up

Insect Cover Close Up

Pest Netting Close Up

Close up of Greenhouse cover Close up of Insect net Close up of Pest Net